Saturday, August 20, 2005


Evicting The Bad Lieutenant

My buddy TV Erik sometimes chides me for not reviewing movies at the Netflix page, Well, I decided to start reviewing them. Last week, I saw The Bad Lieutenant for the first time and found it disturbing, yet very interesting.

(Synopsis and review from the New York Times)

The narrative is quite minmalist, perhaps impressionistic. It reminds me of Open Water from a couple of years ago in that respect. We know nothing about how the Lieutenant got where he was or even his name.

I understand that Admiral Will is a fan of the movie. And my buddy Hugo reccomended this movie years ago. In any case, one thing that attracted me to the film was Harvey Keitel. Man, I'll watch most anything with him in it.

The next flick that I saw from my Netflix queue was Diner. I may write something about it here, I may not. But I will say this: Netflix gives me the opportunity to view alot more DVDs than the corner video store used to.

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